Giving Back & Paying it Forward

I believe we all have a responsibility to contribute to the the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth aka Gaia, and every Soul we share our planet with.

Poverty is one of the leading causes of depression.

Needing help and not being able to access it leaves us feeling hopeless, with no future.

I want to help you to feel healthy, happy, and whole – no matter what your financial circumstances.

Please don’t suffer in silence. 

ditch the black dog of depression

How I’m Giving Back in 2024

  Scholarships and reduced fees for depressed Souls experiencing financial hardship.


I know what it’s like to desperately need help and not have the money to get it.

If you feel that my work could be the right thing for you, but you don’t have the funds, I’m giving back by offering scholarships and reduced fees for my: 

🐺 Ditch the Black Dog Substack – upgraded monthly Sacred Circle

🐺 Ditch the Black Dog Year Long Program

🐺 Ditch the Black Dog Sacred Circle for ongoing support

🐺 Private Coaching & Therapy packages


Please don’t apply for a place just because it’s available.


I’m giving back from the energy of wanting to change your life.  This is a BIG thing. 

I am committed to helping you to ditch the black dog, which will have a knock on effect on every area of your life.

This work is priceless! 

My hope is that you’re choosing to apply because you’re committed to doing the transformational work with me and genuinely can’t afford it. If you aren’t prepared to commit, you’ll lose access in favour of someone who is.

I believe we’re all sovereign beings with full responsibility for our choices and you know whether you’re committed to doing the work, or whether you’re just looking for a bargain.

Which sacred offering do you feel drawn to joining?

ditch the black dog on substack

I offer complimentary subscriptions to my Substack for people who may not be in a position to pay for help.

All you have to do is send me an email explaining why you’d like to receive a free subscription and I’ll send you an invite.

Ditch the Black Dog Sacred Circle

I’m offering a reduced price subscription to the Ditch the Black Dog Sacred Circle.

This is a support group with a difference! Join in rituals and ceremonies.

Please click the button to apply today. 

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Ditch the Black Dog 1 year program

The Ditch the Black Dog and Unleash Your Passion for Life group course is coming soon.

I’m offering this course at a vastly reduced price to 20 BETA testers.

If you’d love to take part, join the waitlist. 

one to one packages for depression

Need one to one help? I offer 12 full and 12 part scholarships per year to folks in need.

Please complete the application form and give full details about what a scholarship to a one to one package would do for you.

Start your journey to ditching the black dog of depression for free!

'Maria you’ve really created a wonderful world. Everytime we speak you always spark something. It’s like a pull, it’s very comforting.'

– Vicky, UK

'The advice was amazing. I do feel inexperienced and I think just living my life to the fullest would be the best. Maria gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value!’

– Imara, USA

I wanted to know what my purpose is and you really helped me to adjust my perspective to find the answers im looking for.

– G, USA

Love your tips on depression. They're so useful!

– anonymous blog reader

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Are you ready to ditch the black dog of depression and unleash your passion for living?

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