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Confession Time

I don’t really enjoy social media. (I have accounts on some platforms cos it’s where people who need help seem to hang out, but I only post to encourage them to get the hell off their phone and go touch grass instead.)

Research shows that social media is causing terrible damage to our collective mental health.

When I decided to take a break from it, I felt so much better and I never went back.

The bullying, trolling, false information and conspiracy theories are everywhere. It’s normalised to such an extent that we anxiously expect to be attacked for our opinions, appearance and lifestyle. The social media platforms do nothing about it.

As well as all that awfulness, we see other people living fabulous lives and wonder why we’re such failures in comparison.

We don’t realise that most of what is posted is fake and we can end up feeling worthless, useless and depressed.

I don’t want to encourage people to connect on social media. Not when I know how it contributes to depression and anxiety.

I have a nefarious plan to get people off the social media channels and doing something positive with their time instead.

So I’m not going to suggest that we connect and chat on Facebook or Instagram or X or LinkedIn or TikTok or wherever….

The best way to connect with me (and other like minded folks) is by joining my safe, inclusive, and very well moderated, private space – Ditch the Black Dog.

It’s hosted on Substack, the newsletter platform, but Ditch the Black Dog is more than just a newsletter.

You can join for free, and get access to my archive of posts, podcast episodes, recorded meditations, taster sessions and more.

Everything will be sent to your email inbox, so you never miss any important updates.


For a deeper healing experience, you can opt for a paid subscription.


You’ll get to connect with a safe, inclusive community, with all the best things about social media and none of the worst!

Starting at only $11.11 a month you’ll get: –

  • all my latest posts and podcast episodes, plus my full archive;
  • taster guided meditations, Soul Journeys, and ‘Rewild Your Mind’ recordings;
  • magickal mental wellness tips, tools and exercises you can do at home;
  • resources, reviews and recommendations;
  • coaching questions and journal prompts;
  • weekly therapeutic messages from the Tarot;
  • support, friendship, inspiration and advice from others. You can ask questions, take part in discussions, share your wins, vent, ask for help and access coaching and therapy tools, including a monthly healing sacred circle.


Every member is on their own healing journey, including me!

Sound good?

Curl up in a comfy nest, grab a cuppa and let’s connect!

Where else will you get instant access to coaching and therapeutic activities from just $11.11 a month?

All you need to do is pop your email address in the form below ⇓, choose your subscription and you’ll get instant access to my growing archive of treasures to help you ditch the black dog of depression and feel healthy, happy and whole as if by magick!

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